Sunday, August 7, 2016

I am a TERRIBLE blogger!!

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Ok seriously i am a teribble blogger!not really a terrible writer as i frequently writes through my facebook status haha (not sure whether those count!). My last post here was more than a year ago!Since becoming full time housewife, i don't really had the chance to be in front of the computer and the feeling is not the same to blog from mobile. But lately especially since i stopped breastfeeding my son, i would find some time to be in front of the computer after everybody goes to sleep.

So....nothing much about me. Still a housewife. Not even a part time job or online business and such. My 3yo daughter goes to half day playschool in the morning so i focus on getting things done and quality time with my 1.5yo son. Fetch daughter from school at 12pm and we usually buy or eat lunch at Aeon where i can buy groceries then back to home. They usually have their afternoon nap and i can cook for dinner then !#%$^%&^* husband is back!Walah sweet life!Alhamdulillah. But honestly i am kinda getting bored here haha. Been thinking should i start doing small business or any freelance thing but then my husband is a busy entrepreneur, i don't want to put him in a situation where he needs to make time for my business. One of the reasons i decided to be a housewife is so that he could focus on his business without having to worry about who going to take care of our kids if i have to travel for work etc.

Well....the good part about being bored is you have the chance to reflect on life. I think i have improved myself in becoming a better muslimah, Alhamdulillah. I feel that now i don't have any 'duniawi' to chase. Not sure whether i am telling this in a right way but yeah i feel like my purpose of life now just to make sure my kids, my family to go through this world in a manner that will get us into heaven. I leave the search for money etc2 to my husband haha. But since i got time to study, its my duty to always remind him to make sure everything is halal, not making enemies, gives back and such such in doing business. Even in terms of clothing also since i don't have to think about working environment and such thus it is easier for me to change and not really following the outside trend. But i think it is only the matter of following different trend. I don't know, i don't want to offend anyone. It just being at home have different influence in how you think. You see the world in a different angle. It's like now you are outside and you see everyone inside being so busy. I guess Allah has set this for me. I've been lost and it's time for me to stay put, think and change.

I think that's it for tonight. I don't want to write everything in my mind or else i don't have anything to write for the next post. Let's see when that is haha. So i leave this with latest picture of us during Aidilfitri 2016!Goodnight!

That 'I' & 'Me',

Monday, July 13, 2015

Mommy's Milestones

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Alhamdulillah today my 2nd child, my only baby boy Aydin Zaaef is 6 months old. I've never written anything about him. My last post was Nov 2014 which he was not born yet at that time. I took unpaid leave from my job about 2 months before he was born. I delivered him on 12th January 2015 and then i decided to tender my resignation. So i can say i am officially a full time house wife or a stay at home mom (SAHM) for 6 months! Woohooo!! *Alhamdulillah*

It was tough especially the first 4 months. Taking care of my 2 year old daughter and my 2nd baby. When people asked me how are things or whether its nice to be SAHM, i always answered its nice but definitely tougher and tiring than being a full time working mom (FTWM) or at least the same. But....if you ask me now, i am going to answer "i love it!!" I am getting use of it and somehow i don't think its so difficult anymore. Most probably because my baby now can sit and move around on his own or in other words he can get tired on his own and easier for me to nurse him to sleep. And my daughter has weaned off from nursing when she turned 2 years old last May so no more tandem nursing for us and less drama haha. And i think i no longer put too much expectations on myself or trying too hard to be the perfect SAHM. At first i was too stressed up to get so many things done in one day. Must sweep/vacuum, must do the laundry, must cook etc2. Luckily i have a very supportive husband. He told me its alright if sometimes have messy house or even sticky floor and its ok if theres no food when he comes back from work. If i don't have time to cook for my daughter then its ok to cook something for her out of processed or canned food. And from there i would just "follow the flow" :P When the day is good as in my baby sleeps well then i'll finish my house work, cook something nice for both of us and my daughter. When some days are bad, those are the days where i boil macaroni for my daughter and cook canned carbonara or tomato sauce maybe put some extra cheese and mixed veggies. Let my husband know there will be no dinner or maybe i'll cook something fast when he gets back. Let the washed clothes be in the washing machine and i'll rinse it again later at night or tomorrow morning and hang it dry. I've learned, there are days where i just have to let go some of the things and concentrate on my 2 kids.

If you ask again i won't answer its tiring than FTWM. FTWM definitely is tiring because you don't have that peace of mind. If you can't sleep at night you already imagine how tired you will be tomorrow. You have to think what are you going to wear to work. Whether need to iron or not. You think about the traffic you have to go through. You have to think about your work and your boss. You constantly think how is your kid(s) doing at the nursery or with your maid. When you do your work you rush because you have to go back to fetch your kid(s). Then there are outstation jobs. How?Who? And if still breastfeeding, howwwww?? I understand because i was a FTWM. I traveled for work. I left my daughter many times. It was so tiring. Physically and mentally.

Now i am so lucky to experience the other side of the world (cewah!). Being a SAHM. Its tiring but at the end of the day, i don't have to think about other people or being forced to do something. If i have a bad night i know i can just skip some house work and take a nap tomorrow in the afternoon. But to be honest i rarely need to take a nap because even though i sleep for 4 or less hours only, it feels enough. I think because i sleep without worry now.

I wrote this hoping to help those moms who are working and maybe thinking about resigning. If you don't feel what i felt when i was working then enjoy your life as working mom. Enjoy those lunch sessions without your kids. Enjoy that feeling of missing your kids so much. But if you are not enjoying those things, then sacrifice some things like slow down on the shopping and save up a bit and try to be SAHM. Maybe start with taking unpaid leaves. Hm i think i am writing too many things in 1 post. I know there are other factors that can hold you back. Trust me i know! But if you really want something, work for it! Work hard and pray hard! Stop complaining and take out a piece of paper and list down what actually you need to do in order to achieve your target. Insyaallah, Allah ease it for you.

For other SAHM, i know some of you might have different situations. Harder perhaps. Hang it there ladies. Let's try to support each other as much as we can ok? I am in Stay at home mom (msia) Facebook group. Join if you haven't :)

My journey is still a long way to go. Please pray for me it will be a smooth and rewarding journey. Now things are getting easier, i hope i can start writing frequently. At least not once in 6 months haha. Maybe i'll share in my next post on my preparations to become SAHM. How did i eliminate those factors that were holding me back. Oh its already past midnight so now its 6 months and 1 day!! Woohoooooo!!!

That 'I' & 'Me',

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Resipi Rendang Ayam + Bonus Masak Lemak Cili Api (Ikan Masin Kurau)

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

A post on Saturday??He he I am now a stay at home wife/mom, so Sabtu macam ni la baru free nak update blog ke because husband is around to layan anak. Anddddd because I am now a stay at home mom, I masak hampir tiap hari. can expect updates on recipes from me! Yay! I promise I will only update recipe yang menjadi. I pun google-google and some of the recipes tak berapa best. So kena try-try jugak kan? :)

This post I would like to share recipe Rendang Ayam! Husband memang suka Rendang Ayam so I kena perhebatkan skill on this. This recipe sedap!


1. Ayam (recipe ni boleh sampai untuk seekor)
2. 2 plastik beg kecik santan pekat yang selalu rm1.50 tu
3. Cili kering blended ikut tahap tahan pedas anda (I memang ada je ni da prepare siap. Kalao takde kena ambil beberapa cili kering, rebus, then blend)
4. 1-2 ulas bawang putih - blend
5. 10 biji bawang merah - blend
6. 5 batang serai - 3 blend, 2 ketuk
7. Kunyit hidup - blend
8. Lengkuas sikit - blend
9. Halia sikit - blend
10. Garam
11. Gula
12. Air asam jawa
13. Kerisik lebih kurang 1 sudu besar
14. Daun limau purut - lebih kurang 4 helai carik-carik
15. Daun kunyit - hiris


1. Panaskan minyak. I suka minyak banyak nampak cantik hehe (masa makan bukan cedok sangat pun minyak). Tumis bahan-bahan blend sampai naik minyak and bau sedap.
2. Masukkan kerisik and serai yang diketuk. Then masukkan ayam. Gaul.
3. Masukkan santan biar masak sikit dulu. Then daun limau purut, air asam jawa, garam, gula sikit2 sambil rasa-rasa la ye.
4. Biar masak sampai dapat rupa then masukkan daun kunyit yang dihiris2 and gaul. Siap!!

Rendang Ayam

Dalam post ni jugak I nak share my way of Masak Lemak Cili Api. Tak kesah la ikan ke, ayam ke, udang ke, sama je. Kadang-kadang masak tanpa bawang but I prefer ada bawang. Sama dengan macam my mom punya hehe. 


1. Blend 2 biji bawang merah, 2 inci kunyit hidup yang kecil kurus tu, cili api ikut tahap tahan pedas,
2. Masuk bahan blend, 2 plastik beg kecil santan pekat RM1.50, sebatang serai yang diketuk dalam periuk then letak atas api. Kalau ayam masukkan terus juga. Kalau ikan atau udang tunggu santan masak sikit baru masukkan. 
3. Masukkan garam secukup rasa. Kacau-kacau then tunggu masak and siap! 

Yep I memang x tambah air. Santan kt bandar ni memang orang da tambah air. Santan kotak x sure la. Tak pernah pakai. Sorry recipe ni takde gambar. Sebab selalu buat so tak rasa nak ambil gambar. Nanti saya update kalao teringat ambil gambar. 1 lagi masak lemak cili api yang sedap, guna ikan masin kurau. Yang ni I ada gambar! Lebih kurang recipe ni tapi tambah nenas (pilih yang nenas hijau sikit sesuai utk masak). Ikan masin tu rendam sekejap dulu. And sbb ikan da masin, tak perlu letak garam dah la ye. 

Ikan Masin Kurau Masak Lemak Cili Api

Ok selamat mencuba! Nanti ada lagi recipe best I update! Ada beberapa ni tapi tunggu ada masa la ^_^ 

That 'I' & 'Me',

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

D.I.Y Felt Baby Shoe

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Short post on 2 pairs of felt baby shoes/socks I did for my #2ndbabyproject. Just like my 1st baby, somehow I have the crave of making baby stuffs during my pregnancy.

1st pair I made

For the 1st pair, I followed exactly step by step from

2nd pair I made
For the 2nd pair, I used the same template but I turned it over to have the stitches inside. I used different type of stitching as well. I was thinking to make more of these but I found different type of design for baby shoes/socks which I think would be more practical and comfy. I am going to try that one and make a different post on that! But this is still a great one for hand stitch! And if you have left over felts ;)

That 'I' & 'Me',

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Baby's Check Ups + Vaccinations Experience

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

One of the questions I received from my friends is regarding baby's check ups and vaccinations. Therefore I think this post and sharing session would be beneficial for new mommies. Same case like our pre-natal check ups, government and private hospitals/clinics have different procedures. I do not have experience on baby's check ups with government clinics so for this post, this is purely my experience with private clinic. To be specific with Klinik Pakar Wanita dan Kanak-kanak Desa Melawati (Dr. Hasmawati).

I gave birth at Gleneagles Hospital KL. After delivery, my baby was injected with BCG and Hepatitis B 1st dose vaccination. The moment I got back to my parents house, nurses from government clinic came to visit my baby and I. They came everyday for about 1 week. They checked on my blood pressure, felt my stomach to make sure my womb is getting smaller, asked few questions on bleeding etc. And for the baby, they checked on sign of jaundice, asked few questions on baby's poops etc. Alhamdulillah both my baby and I was fine ^_^

After 1 week, you should bring your baby for her/his 1st check up. You should choose a good pediatrician which you think you can trust and stick with this doctor to have a good record. Ask around. If you are breastfeeding, please please please choose a doctor who is pro breastfeeding!If not you will get comment such as "your baby is not gaining much weight, please supplement with formula milk" pfftttt!!!~~  I chose Dr. Hasmawati after my research on the internet and since this is close to my house. During the 1 week check up, your baby's weight, development of hips, size of head etc would be checked. There is no vaccine injection.

After 1 month, it is another routine check up. No vaccination but just to check on baby's weight and development.

When your baby is 2 months old, your baby is due for his/her 2nd dose of Hepatitis B vaccination and DTP + Hib + Polio 1st dose of vaccination.

At 3 months old, 2nd dose of DTP + Hib + Polio vaccination and if you are up for Rotavirus vaccination, 1st dose will be given during this check up. Rotavirus is not needle injection but orally given for your baby to swallow. Rotavirus is not compulsory if you go to government clinic. Based on my research, it is because it is bit expensive for government to subsidized the cost. But they really recommend if you can afford it outside. I think I paid RM120 or RM170 per dose. Sorry I can't remember the exact price.

At 4 months old, my baby took 2nd dose of Rotavirus. There is a choice to take 1st dose of Pneumococcus vaccination at this stage. If you take the 1st dose at 4 month old, your baby will need 4 doses of this vaccination. At 4, 6, 8 and 13 month old. If you choose to have the 1st dose at 6 month old, then it would only be 3 doses only. I choose to take later since 1 dose of this vaccination cost around RM220.

At 5 months old, 3rd dose of DTP + Hib + Polio and Hepatitis B vaccinations. I can't remember whether my baby took 3rd dose of Rotavirus or not. I do not have her medical report with me now. This depending on the brand. Rotavirus can be 2 doses or 3 doses. I think my baby took the 3rd dose during this check up.

At around 6 and 8 months old, my baby took the 1st and 2nd dose of Pneumococcus vaccination. Duration between doses are important for Pneumococcus. It can not exceed certain duration if not the vaccination may not work. My doctor would tell us when is the last date we can come.

Few days before my baby turn 12 months old, i went for a check up thinking to get MMR vaccination, but I was told it was not allowed since my baby has not turned exactly 12 months old. Therefore, since we were already there, doctor gave 3rd dose of Pneumococcus vaccination. Only 2 weeks after my baby turned 12 months old, we went for the MMR vaccination (I believe this is MMRV vaccination. I yet to confirm with my pediatric).

Now my baby is 15 months old. Her next check up is set at 18 months old for DTP + Hib + Polio booster. I can only share up until now since I am sharing based on my experience. Below is summary of compulsory + optional vaccinations as per Malaysia Pediatric Association website. Although they used the word compulsory, it is not actually. In the end it is parents decision. There are parents who thinks vaccines are not needed and since they are side effects to some. Please do read on AEFI. What you should be monitoring after each vaccines, what you should do if you notice any side effects etc. Please make your decision after reading these! For me, I vaccinated my baby and would do the same for my all my babies.

If you are Muslim and worry about the 'hukum' especially for Rotavirus, please refer to our country's fatwa page. In 2008, majlis fatwa came out with hukum for Rotavirus vaccination as 'haram' since it contained 'babi' or pig DNA. The 'hujah' mentioned if it is not 'darurat' the vaccine is not needed. There are no new fatwa by the majlis with the current situation of this virus. As for me, I did some research on few ustazs' pages and refer to other countries fatwa (one of them Sweden), and decided to still give the vaccination to my baby. I asked my pediatric who is also a Muslim and she explained to me how this virus is considered on the high percentage and can cause death and I also know few friends (who lived in my area) who their babies have been warded and on critical stages because of this virus. You may also refer to Dr. Zubaidi's page for the current statistics of how this virus affects Malaysia: . I would say to give or not to give is individual's decision.

BirthHepatitis B and BCG
2 monthsHepatitis B and DTP+Hib+Polio
3 monthsDTP+Hib+Polio and Rotavirus (oral)
4 monthsPneumococcus and Rotavirus (oral)
5 monthsHepatitis B and DTP+Hib+Polio (+/- Rotavirus - depending on brand)
6 monthsPneumococcus
8 monthsPneumococcus
12 monthsMMR (mumps, measles, rubella)
13 monthsPneumococcus
15 monthsChickenpox
18 monthsDTP+Hib+Polio booster
24 monthsHepatitis A
30 monthsHepatitis A
Primary school MMR and DT booster.

I hope this post can be a guide to new parents. Please do more research since this involve your child. This post is me sharing my personal experience and personal opinion. Do read more and make decision which you think is the best for your baby! Let's pray our children will grow healthy :)

That 'I' & 'Me',

Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Confinement / Pantang Experience

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

I saw an article by PaMa on "Makanan untuk Rahim Sihat" then immediately reminded me of my confinement experience. I am currently pregnant with my second baby so I figure this is a good time to jot everything down as well for my reference when my baby pops out hehe :P

In terms of confinement food, I would say I had no problem with them since my mom a bit on the modern side so basically I was on healthy and balance diet :D Nasi putih, sup sawi, sup bayam, ikan tenggiri masak something like kuah laksam like that (my fav!!), once in a week I can have sup ayam or daging masak black pepper but not so much black pepper since I was breastfeeding my baby. So the point is, it was not all the way ikan bilis or ikan kering like some people practice. And....definitely lots and lotsssss of water!! Plain water and horlicks for me. Butttt the part I am not going to look forward to my next confinement is having to drink 3 things, 1 teguk of halia, 1 teguk of kunyit hidup and 1 teguk of manjakani! Luckily my mom tak sampai hati looking at my expression, she did not prepare it everyday. I think alternate days. Fuhh~

On the second week of my confinement, I started on my urut-urut. My urut lady was Kak Nurul from Puchong. I even booked her for my second :) Yeah that early because she's really in demand! She came at around 8am, prepare air mandi herba, and also my air herba for tangas and panaskn her batu tungku. 1st, tangas. Air herba panas put under a chair then you seat or if tak tahan panas you simply stand on the bekas air. You need to wear kain batik so the kain batik will keep the heat inside. I can't remember for how long but I think it was around 20minutes-40minutes? We need to have our breakfast 1st especially drink before doing this to make sure we won't get dehydrated because you will really sweat! After tangas, was urut and tungku. I like Kak Nurul because she is breastfeeding friendly. When my baby needed to nurse, she simply stopped and let me do my thing 1st. Oh and she knows how to urut to lancarkn susu badan. After urut, mandi herba. Mandi myself la with the air herba she prepared. Then after mandi, she will put my bengkung for me. My bengkung sangat panjang. My aunty jahit for me. Nasib baik Kak Nurul knows how to lilit the bengkung. Dah habis apa lagi bayar lah! RM100 per day. But now naik harga RM110 per day. She came for 7 days. Supposedly another 3 days at the end of my confinement but something came up so I did not get that 3 days treatment.

Ok what's the misery I went through during confinement. Demam, gigil2 rasa nak mati! Seriously I thought I was going to die! Orang tua kata bentan. On my 3rd week kot, I had mastitis actually. Breast bengkak or bengkak susu. My breast was so hard, red and itchy! I had fever and the fever keep coming back after 3 to 4 hours after taking panadol. Fever jenis shivering and cannot control. My husband or my mom had to bring my daughter to me to nurse. Lemah sangat to even duduk. Tulang pun rs sakit2. I went to my gynae Dr Suhaiza and she prescribed me with antibiotic to avoid pus. And I need to massage my breast and really clear the blocked ducts in my breast. It was painful. Rela beranak lagi dr lalu sakit ni lg sekali. But dugaan, I went through it at the end of my confinement and another 2 times during my breastfeeding journey. Seriously nk hapus dosa ni T_T Insyaallah for my next baby, I know what to do to avoid going through this nightmare again. *Pray*

Ok I think that's it kot on pantang. What elseeee hmmm..Whatever it is biasa la during confinement period mmg struggle especially for 1st time mom. Dgn breastfeeding nye, baby pun still trying to get used of this world, baby still xtau pagi or malam so malam ada yang tak dapat tidur, ada yg dugaan baby kena jaundice sampai masuk hospital balik (Alhamdulillah my daughter tak kena. Ada nampak sikit la dekat mata but then hilang) and not forgetting the pressure from other people. I know I know paling tak best "Baby nangis-nangis ni x cukup susu ni. Susu ko sikit". Heh kalao baby tak nangis, baby tu nak cakap "Ibu I need your huggggg!" ke?? Ok read my post on breastfeeding k. It's important to stay with someone that's on the same page with you during confinement. Macam my mom she breastfed all her children so I got a good support from her. Thank you Mama :') If you think your mom or the person who is going to take care of you not in the same page bawak dia pergi class. Breastfeeding class and antenatal class. Bgtau awal-awal what you want for your baby. Full breastfeed ke or no bottle ke or no pacifier ke or no buai ke..Apa-apa la because in the end you are the mother, you decide what you want for your baby. was your confinement?? :)

That 'I' & 'Me',

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Buying a Sub-sale Property

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Bersesuaian dgn nama blog ni "the after i do" (mcm lah org Islam menikah sebut "i do" kennn), salah satu step lepas kahwin untuk yg mampu adalah membeli rumah. Before ni sy ada experience beli rumah baru launching. Kiranya x siap lg. Proses mudah je and x perlu byk duit in advance sgt. Paling2 duit down payment. Mcm sy Alhamdulillah dpt 110% loan (bank ks separate 2 loan) so mmg ambil loan then tggu rumah siap je la. Asalnye igt nk duduk la rumah ni bila da siap. Alih2 husband terasa nak beli rumah dekat dgn rumah mak sy. Senang hantar anak katanya. Rumah condo yg dekat dgn rumah mak sy ni da 10tahun. Maka bermula la proses nk beli subsale property. Ahoiii br ku tau leceh nk beli rumah atas nama org ni! Mcm2 duit kena keluaq!So this post is to let org2 noob cm sy tau serba sedikit pasal buying subsale property la. Kalao ade slh silap mintak maap awai2. Ni dr sudut apa yg sy tau based on pengalaman setakat ni. Sbenanye x settle lg tp sbb mood da sampai tulis je la dulu. Insyaallah rajin nnt bole update.

Step 1: Call agent set up appointment p tgk rumah. Da suka ckp la kt agent setuju nak beli. Nk mintak nego suruh agent mintak dr owner. Kalao agent yg bagus ms tunjuk rumah ni die da tunjuk S&P asal and tunjuk betul2 info rumah tu. Mcm kami hrtu iklan ckp xxx sqft. Rupa2 nyaaaaa x sampai pn. Agent pn xtau sbb x mintak awal2 S&P dr owner. Owner syok sendiri je main hentam. Walaupn beza berapa puluh sqft pun memainkan peranan. Setiap sqft tu ada nilainya!

Step 2: Buat appointment dgn agent lg skali utk byr 3% (ikut agent rate mcm mn. skrg ni rsnye common 3%). Isi dan sign Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA). Sebelum byr make sure agent ni bole percaya ye. Check dulu firm die ok ke x. X pasal lesap pulak 3% anda.

Step 3: Kalao owner bersetuju nk jual kt anda, owner pn sign SPA tu. Dia ks siap2 kt agent da fotostat IC, S&P asal and apa2 document lain yg related ke. Kalao ada strata title ke etc.

Step 4: Dekat SPA tu ade tulis S&P should be signed within how many days dari ms owner sign SPA. Selalunya 21days. Tp mcm kes kami, 15 days je! Durghhh 2 mggu jela nk cr lawyer suh buat S&P??So kena cr lawyer ye utk check status rumah tu sume and siapkn S&P. Lawyer tau la apa yg ptt di check. Kalao x settle loan lg pn xpe. Cr lawyer dulu. Kami noob, g sebok cr loan dulu pulak. Berikut details bayaran lawyer including stamp duty:

Stamp duty ikut nilai harga owner set nk jual kt kita:

-RM100 000 pertama dikenakan 1%
-RM100 001 hingga RM500 000 next nya dikenakan 2%
-RM500 001 seterusnya dikenakan 3%

Nak senang calculate leh guna calculator di sini.

Bg lawyer fees pulak aku xbrp pasti tp tgk2 mcm lebih kurang 1% dr nilai property kot. Hrtu ada kwn share table anggaran lawyer fees utk sekian2 harga property tp x jumpa blk dah. Kalao ada kawan2 yg lawyer mmg best la. Setelah cr2 connection Alhamdulillah jumpa hamba Allah baik hati ks 50% diskaun dr lawyer fees beliau. Nak jd ceritaaaaaa tiba2 owner kata ambil la lawyer dia. Nak tau kenapa? sbb die xnk byr. Kiranya kita settle kn la 2 in 1 lawyer tu nanti. Halooo bkn kami ada hak ke cr lawyer sendiri? Nama pn lawyer!side kita laaaa. Sbb owner ni bising2 (ms ni kami da terlebih 15hari dr ms SPA di-sign. So owner bole guna alasan ni utk batalkan pembelian), kami pn setuju ambil lawyer dia. Alhamdulillah lawyer dia memahami situasi kami yg bukan lah kaya raya. Ks jgk 50% diskaun :')

Step 5: Lawyer da siapkan S&P after check status property ok semua, pass kt owner utk sign. Dlm ms sy tgh tulis ni kami kt stage ni. Owner bukan main simpan pekasam S&P tu. Haloo dhla da ade lawyer, hg bajet hg lawyer pulak. Baik xyh lawyer in the 1st place. haha. S&P ni template je lah. Check jela details hg and property tu ok ke x. Ada sbbnya knp simpan S&P tu lama2. Mls nk cerita detail tp die baru la nk mintak approval dr pihak pemberi loan die dulu bole jual ke x. ZzzzZZZzzzz. BTW, dlm stage2 ni or better ealier, boleh la settle kn loan. Cari bank2. Mcm agent kami ada org2 bank die kenal yg contact utk offer. Bank2 ni akan value the property and make the offer. For subsale property kalao dpt 90% mmg cukup bagus la skalik mrta/mrtt+legal fee (tang loan pn ada jgk lawyer!kayo lawyer!haha). Cr la islamic punya loan untuk yg Islam.

Step 6: Bila owner da sign S&P, kita pun da sign loan agreement dgn bank pilihan hati, maka bank kena la buat pembayaran. Kalao owner ada lg baki dgn bank dulu, bank kita byr dulu pd bank mereka. Then br byr kepada owner selebihnya. Bila owner da dpt bahagian dia, dia ada 7 hari untuk ks kunci rumah kt kita pembeli. Step ni xboleh nk cerita cabaran2 sbb belum sampai lg. Harap2 smooth la!

Pastu td kan sy ada ckp subsale property byk nk keluar duit, hmm kena pk jugak kena renovate apa2 x. Mcm kami kena buat kitchen cabinet baru, toilet pn mcm nk kena tuka. lampu2 semua. cat lg. Rumah tu mmg x berjaga sgt. Sbb before ni owner sewakan. Tau la penyewa kdg2 mcm mn. X jaga rumah mcm rumah sendiri kan. So kena pk bab ni jgk.

Okla penat da membebel. Kesimpulannye jgnla jg noob cm sy ms nk beli subsale property. Tp nasib husband x noob sgt. Haha. Good luck to me and newbie seangkatan!haha

That 'I' & 'Me' (Or can I say that 'Saya' in this post!),