Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Birth of My PRU / GE Baby

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Lamanyaaaaaaaaaa tak update blog! Busy lahh. Busy apa? Busy beranak, pantang, jaga anak, kerja balik, berniaga balik, macam-macam! Hari tu ada kawan share kawan dia write on her giving birth experience. Macam best je nk tulis jugak! Nanti anak da besar sila baca and sila hargai mommy ni ye! hahaha

My due date is on 10th May 2013 and i booked labour room on 9th May 2013. Kiranya kalao tak rasa nak beranak by then nak induce jela on the 9th tu. I don't want to risk to go overdue. Takut baby besar and uri matang and baby can be unstable. Ramai jugak orang mulut masin keep on saying i will beranak on 5th May 2013 which is PRU13!And guess what....i did!

Pukul 8 pagi da siap-siap nak pergi mengundi. I was so excited since it was my first time. Mama terkejut and cakap semangatttttnyaaa awal lagi la. Aiseh so breakfast la dulu. Then mama with her super power instinct told papa "Pa, jomla g mengundi now. Lambat-lambat teberanak pulak Mira ni nanti". So we went around 9 am. Oh i was not with my husband because he went back to his kampung Ijok to cast his vote there. He went back a day before to do the flashmob thingy. Yes he is jenis that semangat. Biarla bini tengah sarat pon. Kempen tetap kempen. haha. *pasrah*

Mama, Papa and I arrived at S.M.K Taman Melawati which was our place to vote. Panjang gila barisan! My parents decided to bring me to vote since i can cut queue and they will come back later in the afternoon hoping the line will be shorter. I still remember meeting few friends who were lining up (I pn muka bangga la bole cut queue. haha). One of them is Hadi who asked me when am i due. I answered anytime soon! Never that i thought soon is really really soon!

So we went back home. Betul-betul sampai rumah i feel a bit wet down there. I thought normal la pregnant mmg wet-wet sikit down under. hehe. I told my mom. Yes i tell my mom everything! detail-detail apa pun semua nak bagitau. My mom terus bangun cakap "Pa, jomla kita pegi mengundi now! Amira ni nak beranak kot". I am telling you guys, moms have super instinct power!!! They went out. I went upstairs and guushhhhhh some unknown liquid (a lot!) keluar. First baby kan so blur gila. I was thinking OMG lemah gila bladder aku tak boleh tahan kencing da! Lari-lari masuk toilet tengok dekat jubin putih toilet aikk why my kencing putih??and why it won't stop!!??Called my mom and told her my kencing wouldn't stop. Haha noob kan??Heard my mom screaming at my dad "Pa, patah balik patah balik. Air ketuban Mira da pecah!" Then i was like oooo ni ke air ketuban. Awat x sakit? Orang cakap pecah air ketuban sakit and x banyak pun. Maka, dengan bertadahkan kain batik and segala towels, Mama, Papa and my lil' sis Nana brought me to the hospital. Hospital Gleneagles Ampang. Dalam kereta i called my husband, to rush to the hospital because my hospital bag was in his car!!Haiyo fail gila rasa time ni.

Sampai hospital around 11-12pm relax-relax masuk labour room, tuka baju, bukak tv, call Dr. Suhaiza my gynecologist, she said she can arrive earliest 8-9pm because she is in Johor casting her vote there. Apa-apa Dr. Jane will check. Checked baru 2 or 3cm opening. Contraction pun sikit-sikit je still patutla tak sakit. The nurse gave me ubat berak then relax, makan, jalan-jalan around the ward. Husband arrived 1 hour after i was warded. He has his own story. Dapat potong queue jugak. Told the officer bini nak beranak. hehe

At 4-5pm i started to fell tired. Tired and bored of waiting. My mom told me takut penat nanti by the time nak push dah tak semangat and no energy. We decided not to wait for my gynecologist and induce using drip. I think my opening was around 5cm at that time. Mula-mula still x sakit. Then after 7cm baru rasa sakit and baru la terdiam sikit. haha. At 8 something they started to pull my leg up and suruh push as instructed only. Jangan push sebarang. Bila the contraction comes baru boleh push. Nurse pandai rasa dekat perut. When she asked me to push then only i pushed. Bila tak contraction relax, nurse and my mom bole bantai borak-borak pasal election. Pergh orang tengah sakit dia borak and tengok keputusan dekat tv lagi. Then the on call gynecologist sampai and sambung push and borak jugak pasal election! haiyo! sedih mak! Pastu push sikit lagi baby pun keluar! Alhamdulillah tak ada complication apa-apa. Time tu rasa lega sangat macam baru lepas settle sembelit yang paling azab sekali. haha. Baby was born on 5/5/2013 at 9.13pm with birth weight of 2.97kg. Happiest moment of my life :)

Here she is right after lap-lap. Her name is Aysha Sofea Binti Aizuddin Alif. She is now almost 8 months old. No words can describe how my husband and I love her so much. She is growing up so fast! She just started to crawl and panjat-panjat. I hope by sharing my story readers can gain something such as kalao air banyak-banyak keluar tu maknanya air ketuban! haha. Well, that's it, the story of the birth of my PRU baby. Insyaallah i will share my pantang experience next. I think that is something you readers can benefit more. My pantang sangat banyak dugaan. I learnt a lot from it. Insyaallah ada rezeki anak next-next tau la apa nak buat. hehe. Till then, to mommies to be, semoga dipermudahkan!

That 'I' & 'Me',