Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lipase Problem in Breast Milk

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

When my baby turned around 3 month old, she started to reject my frozen breast milk. She was OK with chilled fresh breast milk but not the ones that have been frozen. I tried everything and she accepted some and some she rejected. I ended up giving her what I pumped the day earlier (kais hari ni utk mkn esok :P ). Even when I had to leave her for 2 days, it was not a problem since chilled breast milk can still be used. I started to have headache when I had to leave her for 1 week. Then only I started to read on possibility of why this is happening.

For my case, I believe it is lipase problem. After I thawed my breast milk, I noticed it has some kind of smell. Like sour metallic smell. Lipase is an enzyme that aids in the digestion of fats. When your breast milk contains high content / excess of lipase, it begins to break down the fat in stored breast milk. The fat contributes to the smell and taste which some babies may not like. Some babies are not so choosy and won't mind.

But as what I understood from my research, lipase is actually something beneficial as it helps infant to digest the fat. This allows a good digestion system (I agree as my baby don't really have digestion problem!). The problem is just for us moms who need to express and store our breast milk.

There is a method breastfeeding mommies have suggested to overcome this problem. SCALDING. Scalding is to bring your expressed breast milk to heat just up to it gets bubble a bit around the pan then quickly turn your stove off and let it cool before you freeze it.

For those who already have frozen breast milk that did not go through scalding because you just found out of the problem, you may want to try mixing the frozen breast milk with fresh expressed breast milk / chilled breast milk. Try 10% frozen + 90% chilled/fresh at 1st and try to increase the amount of frozen breast milk on every attempt. See on which percentage can your baby accept. And this can be your way forward. At least you can still use your frozen breast milk. If this still cannot work, you can always give your baby milk bath spa!

I hope this info can be beneficial for those mommies in the same situation like I was. I hope to overcome this as well for my next baby. Hopefully my next baby won't be so choosy like my 1st :P

That 'I & 'Me',

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Breastfeeding Random Points

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Breastfeeding is a topic that can have so many questions!especially to new moms. I believe even if you succeeded to breastfeed your child, you may not know 100% about breastfeeding (I am still breastfeeding my 1 year old daughter but I still have a lot to learn!Even my mom who breastfed her 5 children still learning!). If you have a smooth breastfeeding journey, then you may not know the challenges others faced and how to overcome it. That is why you can see famous breastfeeding consultants like Gina (founder of The Breastfeeding Advocates Network FB group) & Suraya (Founder of Lunatots) have had so many challenges in their personal breastfeeding journeys.

What I would like to share in this post are random points on breastfeeding according to what I can think of right now. Hopefully I can edit this post as I learn.

1. Choose a breastfeeding friendly hospital! Make sure the hospital has a policy like they can only give your baby other than breast milk with your signed consent! If no agreement, they should not give your baby anything! Hospital that allows baby to room in with you is the best. Only when you are tired, you can ask them to bring to their nursery.

2. No matter normal delivery or c-section, you would want to hold your baby to your skin and nurse as soon as possible after birth. This can allow your baby to have immediate reflex to suck. I have visited 3 babies who was born through c-section and only brought to their mother after few hours to nurse. It is very hard to teach the babies to suck! Tell your doctor your wish to breastfeed during your last weeks of pregnancy.

3. Do not worry if you cannot see any milk coming out from your breast after delivery because of these points:
a. babies can actually live without any milk for the first 2 to 3 days after they were born. They have storage from what they consume in the womb. Butttt yes, your baby can get jaundice because of this. Just keep direct latch (DL) breastfeed.
b. the first few days are actually colostrum which is drops of yellow thick liquid. Since it is only drops, you may not be able too see it since your baby has sucked it in!hehehe.
c. babies stomach on delivery is just as big as a cherry. They only need little by little to push that storage they had from the womb by pee and poopoo (black color).

4. You may have breast milk and your baby pee and poopoo alright but still has jaundice. Do not stop to breastfeed!! The problem is not your milk! Stop or reduce the herbs (ginger etc) or any alcohol (for non-muslim) you are taking during confinement. Some babies do have prolong jaundice. Just keep breastfeeding. Remember: "susu ibu adalah yang terbaik!" even the formula milk companies have to stress this!

5. Newborn babies like to sleep for long hours especially on their 2nd and 3rd day. Wake them up every 2-3 hours and nurse/feed them. You must do this if you do not want to go back to the hospital for their jaundice! I know you need the rest too but trust me, if you need to go to the hospital, it will be less rest! Try your best to wake your baby up. Tickle them, put cold hands on them, loosen up their clothes/blanket etc.

6. Andddd after the long hours of sleeping period endssss, then come the period of wants to suck only. It is normal! You breastfeed for 40minutes, baby let go, you try putting your baby in the cot or on the mattress, baby cries, baby wants to suck some more. Yup normal! They are not used of our world. They want to be hugged all the time, suck for comfort all the time. Patience is the key, it will get easier ;)

7. Your breast feel hard and feel there is a lump? You feel pain? You see redness on your breast? This is breast engorgement or worse it can become mastitis. If your breast start to feel hard, massage with hot water bag and continue to DL baby. After finish DL, massage to empty your breast. If too painful to do on your own, call your husband, ask him to massage like trying to make the milk comes out. If still doesn't work, and you keep getting fever on and off, go to see doctor! You may need to take antibiotics to avoid pus (nanah) in your gland. But this antibiotic won't help to decrease the lump, you need to continue DL and massage. I don't dare to give advice by putting cabbage because there are cases where their milk supply decreases after putting cabbage.

8. If your nipple cracked or feel so painful, you may apply your breast milk to the nipple everytime after DL. You may also apply nipple cream. There is also like a gel breast pad you can try to ease the pain. But do not stop to breastfeed on that particular breast. Your baby's saliva and his action of sucking is the best way to sooth your breast. Your breast needs time to adjust and to be soft for baby to suck. Be strong ya ;)

9. You can still breastfeed even if you have fever or not feeling well. Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently to avoid spreading the germs. It is even better to breastfeed because the antibodies your body is producing/activating to fight your illness will be shared with your baby. Your baby will have antibodies of these illness although they have not experience them. My daughter had her first fever when she was 9 month old and second one on her 1st birthday. Alhamdulillah.

10. When to start pumping? This depends on your need. If you are stay at home mom, I don't see any reason to rush into pumping. Unless you have breast engorgement and would like to pump the milk out. If you intend to store some frozen breast milk (FBM) for future use when you get back to work, you may start as early as 2 weeks after birth. But I think the best is to let your baby create the natural supply and demand in the first month (DL only). This is also good so that you don't feel tired in DL and pumping as well. After 1 month when you get your energy back, then you may start pumping.

11. How to start pumping? This is based on my experience. Few ways. If your baby has sessions where she/he will sleep more than 2 hours, you may take that opportunity to pump, for start. If your baby consistently DL every hour or every 2 hours even at night, you may want to pump after she/he DL. Do not worry if there is no milk coming out after DL, just pump, you will see the result after 1 week. Another way is to choose 1 session in a day to do power pumping. See next point.

12. Power pumping??Power pumping is choosing 1 session in a day (the best is early morning) and pump for 3 cycles. Pump for 10 minutes, rest for 5 or 10 minutes (while resting, drink, eat), pump again for 10 minutes,  rest for 5 or 10 minutes (while resting, drink, eat), pump again for 10 minutes. Even if you pump and there is no milk coming out, just pump. Insyaallah you will see the result in 1-2 weeks. This is actually creating extra demand so that your body will produce extra supply.

Erm I can actually continue on pumping, storing breast milk etc. but I think it is best to separate that in different post or else this post will get so long! Let's just keep this purely on breastfeeding. Let me know if there are other points to add in! I am hoping to use this as my guideline for my next baby as well (insyaAllah).

Till next update!

That 'I' & 'Me',

Monday, May 5, 2014

My Wedding Attire

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

This post is seeeriouslyyyyy should have been 2 years ago!! But since I am still getting questions on my wedding attire, maybe it is easier to just record it down and just direct people to here the next time I get the same question. Please ya I am not trying to talk big as if my wedding attire was so great but I do get questions! Kudos to my designer of course not me! Hehe.


Both my (bride & groom) solemnization and reception attire was done by the beautiful, talented AZURA COUTURE ! From buying the materials (except my solemnization dress which I bought myself), to designing and executing it, it was her. I just told her what is the concept, she immediately drew it and we agreed on the spot. Picture below is her :)

Azura putting on the shawl for me. I was lucky coz I don't think
she is able to do this for all her customers.


YES the shawls came with the attires. From top to toes. Even the shoes! except my solemnization shoe which I custom made from Cipela Couture. And Azura who did the beadings as well.

Solemnization attires for both bride & groom.
The material had the beadings but Azura added in the pink pearls etc.
Shawl completely by her.

Reception attires. Complete from head to toes from Azura.
Us with the lovely Azura
Full view :)

Solemnization shoe from Cipela Couture

She did a great job in cutting my material :D


For my solemnization attire, yes! But not for the reception one. She made it for me but she got to keep it. If you think you are interested to rent it out, please do contact Azura!


And then came the bonus question, how much??I am sorry this is something I don't like to reveal. I think it is not fair for Azura. I do not know on what basis she gave me the price. I do not want my name to be used to negotiate pricing with her etc. Until now I do not know whether the amount I paid for the attires are consider expensive or not. What I know is I am satisfied with her products and service. Please, she does not eat people! Contact her, make an appointment, seat down with her, tell her what you want, let her quote you. Too expensive? Cannot negotiate anymore? Then move on look for other designers/tailors. Simple! :D

Know what you want
Know your budget
Do not be too BRIDEZILLA. Trust the experts!

Hope this helps! More pictures are available in Bunga Studio and Azura Couture FB. Goodluck future brides!~~ (and grooms??nah they will just follow what the bride wants. haha)

That 'I' & 'Me',

Yogurt Cake

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

I have shared this recipe in one of the baby food group I am in. I can't remember where I got this recipe from because I like to just simply Google and browse here and there. This is probably the easiest cake/muffin recipe I have done. I can assure you it is easy! I am not a baker. Really bad at it. Still learning. So if I say it is easy, trust me IT IS easy!

You just need 4 ingredients:

-3 eggs
-2 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil (vco) OR exta virgin olive oil (evoo)
-200gram of natural yogurt (I used Farm Fresh Natural Yogurt)
-80gram of self raising flour


1. Pre-heat oven at 180 degree celcius and set to upper and below bake/grill.
2. Stir eggs using mixer or blender. Sampai kembang org Melayu kata!
3. Mix the eggs with everything else! Make sure the flour and everything are mixed well.
4. Brush your tray with a bit of the vco/evoo.
5. Pour batter in muffin tray or cake mould.
6. Bake for 20mins. Depending on how big your oven is.


The texture of this cake/muffin is actually more to a very soft bread. I would say if you are confident to give all the ingredients to your baby (at least above 8 months or better 10 months), this is the perfect texture! It is so soft and great as finger food.

My Aysha Sofea enjoyed it. Hopefully your baby will too! Happy Baking Mommies!!

That 'I' & 'Me',