Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tepung Magik

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

We (husband and i) are on our way to Cameron Highland! Pregnant hujung2 ni rs panas semacam so lets go to somewhr bit cold! :D

This is a short post on tepung magik! Sesiapa nampak ada org jual tepung ni dekat pasar tani ke mana-mana sila beli! Bila nk buat sotong goreng tepung ke, cendawan goreng ke etc. senang. Tak payah nak buat tepung seasoning sendiri. Tepung magik mmg dah ada pedas dia, garam dia semua. I have used it to make cendawan goreng and sotong goreng tepung. Celup dgn telur then celup dlm tepung then goreng. Walah sedap!! Husband's fav! ;D

That 'I' & 'Me',

Friday, March 29, 2013

My Fav Kind of Sambal

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Wah 1st time guna blogger app for iphone. We are on our way to Tesco Ampang. Husband is driving. Traffic a bit heavy. So i thought jom kita update blog! Weee~

Kali ni i would like to share my favourite kind of sambal! Sesuai makan dgn ikan goreng kembong ke cencaru ke or telur sambal or ikan bilis ke. Nyums! And senang!

1. Blend 2 ulas bawang putih, 1 bawang besar, 1/2 cm belacan. Guna minyak untuk blend instead of air.
2. Panaskan minyak sikit dlm kuali. Tumis bahan yg dah blend td.
3. Masukkan 2 sudu besar begunung cili kering yg dah diblend. ( i usually have this da siap2 banyak2 dlm peti ais )
4. Masukkan asam jawa sikit. Garam and gula secukup rasa. I like it to be a bit sweet so gula lebih sikit. Hehe
5. Masak sampai naik minyak and warna jadi gelap sikit tapi jangan sampai hangit pulak! Walah da siap! :D

That 'I' & 'Me',

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Antenatal Check Ups Experience

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

The moment i found out i was pregnant, i was confused what to do next. I think this is common for first pregnancy. Should i go to the clinic? or should i wait since i read it is too early to see anything from ultrasound at 4 weeks. BTW, when someone said they are 4 weeks or 1 month pregnant, it means they just conceived it around 2 weeks ago. Because we don't know for sure when exactly the ovulation happens, it is standardized to count from the first day of our last period. (penerangan utk mereka yg selalu syak-syak pada org yg bunting pelamin. Br 2 minggu kawin tp announce 1 month pregnant. Kesian Diana Danielle :P )

1st 3 months

For the 1st time i decided to do check ups at Pusat Perubatan Naluri at Wangsa Maju. I think i went at my 6th week. Ada la kot 3 kali check up situ and its like semata-mata to do scan only. They didn't take any blood sample to check hemoglobin or check my weight and not even my urine sample! Bila tanya doc soalan pn die mcm xnak jwb je :( Dhla tu although you made an appointment, you still have to wait for your turn. Then i thought to myself, baik pegi klinik kerajaan.

Then my friend told me although x rancang bersalin at government hospital, it is good to have a record with government clinics. To have the pink book. There are few advantages to do check ups at government clinics:

1. If anything emergency happened to you and you are picked up by ambulance and sent to gov hospital, they have your pink book which contains your details, history etc.
2. Check ups are free!
3. The nurses love to tell stories!haha. They would advise you on so many things although you didn't ask. I think this is great especially if it's your 1st pregnancy.
4. After you have delivered, just ask your husband to go and tell the clinic and they would send a nurse to your house to check on you and the baby. Usually this is when the nurse can detect whether your baby have jaundice etc.

So starting 3 months i started to do check ups at government clinic. For my house area, i have to go to Klinik Desa Hulu Klang. But please note that the waiting can kill you! Setengah hari habis utk check up!

4th month - 8th month

At my 4th month, i started to think of where to deliver my baby. I need to start to see a proper gynecologist. Mama sudah marah. Mama said the moment you found out you are pregnant you should see a gynecologist. Hehe tp mahal la check ups at private hospital that is why i decided to go only at my 4th month. Tu pn mula rancang at 5th month but my mom sudah bising!

I decided to go to Gleneagles KL Hospital after recommendation by my friend. Since husband's company gives some benefits on maternity so we thought xpela mahal sikit. My friend recommended Dr. Suhaiza Salleh. I think she's the only Muslim women doctor there. Guess what, I LOVE HER! She would explain to you on so many things. Why this and that tests are important and what is normal what is not etc. Serious lepas dia explain mcm-mcm rs dah expert on pregnancy!haha. Maybe i'll make another post on the tests.

So from there, i do check ups with Dr. Suhaiza once a month but still maintain my check ups at gov clinics. I think on details of the check ups i will share next time. Rs panjang sgt pulak dah. hehe.

Hope this post can give some ideas on what to do and where to go to those who just found out they are pregnant. Oh if you are one of them, CONGRATULATIONS!

That 'I' & 'Me',

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Confusion of Folic Acid

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

When i go to a wedding i would normally bumped into friends who just got married for few months and they would normally ask me about pregnancy as i am pregnant! when i asked them whether they are planning to not get pregnant soon or they want to get pregnant, most of them would answer they want to get pregnant soon! then i asked them whether they are already taking acid folic, then this is the answer i have already gotten from few of my friends "Nope. Biar la kalao ada rezeki pregnant la, kalao tak ada tak apa la. Malas nak makan supplement apa-apa". Well friends, this statement shows that you think acid folic is a supplement that helps you to get pregnant when it is not that actually! Mmg sebelum i got married, my cousin told me, kalau nak cepat pregnant makan acid folic. That's when i started to do deep research on acid folic :D

Acid folic is actually a B9 vitamin which it occurs naturally as folate in pulses, green vege, some fruits and yeast and beef extracts. If you are not a fan of these food then acid folic pills are something you should greatly consider. If you normally consume these food, its ok to still take acid folic pills since just like vitamin C, excessive intake would just be released by or with your urine. It won't stay in your liver like other medications.

I like to read Dr. Zubaidi's blog because he wrote with studied facts and references and its based on Malaysian research. You may read on acid folic here: and

Acid folic is not a supplement that will help you to get pregnant or solve your infertility problem. At least its not proven to be that way. As what i understand from my reading and from my gynecologist, it helps strengthen the DNA and chromosom in your ovum and sperm. If this ovum and sperm is meant to be developed to be your child, it would be a good one Insyaallah. Less risk in carrying baby with defects such as neural tube defects (NTD).

Therefore, it you are 3 months away to get married or are already married and NOT planning NOT to get pregnant, you should take acid folic pills (Both Husband & Wife!). 400 microgram should be enough (Husband can take 2 pills). I took 400 microgram from Appeton which you can get from any pharmacy such as vitacare. I think it only cost me rm20+ for a month stock (rsnya la. tak ingat). 1 tablet 1 day. It is really small. Sometimes i can just swallow it without any water. If you want to buy from any clinic i think it is 5 miligram because they usually prescribe to already pregnant woman who would need a higher dose especially from the moment you knew you are pregnant and up until 12 weeks.

So to future and already husbands and wives, take good care of your ovum and sperms and may it be the best of the best to be your child Insyaallah! haha! My mom punya advice: solat jangan tinggal, bykkan doa, sedekah, puasa including puasa komen-komen pasal manusia lain..hehe. Jgn stress-stress bila try-try belom ada rezeki, percayalah Allah Maha Mengetahui whats best and when is the best time.

That 'I' & 'Me',

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ikan Bawal Hitam Stim

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

I decided to share this recipe as it is that one of my cooking yg i main hentam-hentam tgk2 menjd! 1 thing about me i would cook using whatever i have in my fridge. Tak rajin pergi kedai to buy stuffs according to recipe i found in book or the internet. Ok so below is how i cooked my Ikan Bawal Hitam Stim!


Ikan Bawal Hitam (You can use any ikan you like that is suitable to be steamed such as siakap)
Air Asam Jawa / Jus Limau (untuk hilang bau ikan)
*2 ulas Bawang Putih (ditumbuk sekali)
*1 biji Onion (Bawang Besar yg warna kuning tu. Hiris la bentuk mcm mn korg suka :P )
*1 Cili Merah (dihiris)
*1 1/2 inci halia (dihiris panjang2 or bujur2 pn bole)
*2-3 helai daun limau purut (dicarik)
*Beberapa cendawan (boleh letak apa2 jenis sayuran yg suka)
Campuran sos tiram + kicap manis + air (ikut byk mana nak sos/kuah. i used lebih kurang 1 sudu besar sos tiram and 1 sudu besar kicap then penuhkn dengan air cukup segelas)


1. Lumur garam pada ikan and rendam dlm air asam jawa. Ketepikan and sementara tu bole la potong2 ingredients seperti di atas.
2. Taburkan sedikit bahan-bahan bertanda * dalam pengukus.
3. Letakkan ikan dan taburkan bahan-bahan bertanda * yg selebihnya.
4. Tuangkan campuran sos tiram + kicap + air.
5. Masak guna pengukus. As what i remember it took me only 20 minutes mcm tu je.

And when its done this is how it looks! Sorry of the low quality picture. I took this picture at my dining table and we use yellow light. Next time i will take picture at my kitchen where we have white light!

Easy, ain't it? Just that i had trouble to think of something else to cook that is suitable to accompany this dish. I cooked sambal telur but husband said tak sesuai. He likes to eat this just by its own or maybe something like sotong goreng tepung. Something dry. Sotong takde dlm fridge at that time :(

Ok have fun trying this simple dish! Something fast that you can cook after coming back from work. Jgn lupa doa2 sikit sambil masak mintak2 husband makan rs sedap! :P

That 'I' & 'Me',

The 1st Post

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

I know it's kinda 2009 to open up a new blog. I have a blog before this but i figured i need a new one for a fresh start and fresh content.

I got married on 10th March 2012 (we recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary! Alhamdulillah!) and i am now expecting our first child. Insyaallah in about a month time.

I am a working engineer but i love doing all that housewife work such as cooking, keeping my house pretty (hehe) and recently i developed a new hobby which is sewing! I also notice that i love to read especially on marriage, pregnancy, raising your child and all that relevant to what's going on with my life. If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, i'm sure you can see i always share the things i read and do. But i need more besides sharing, i need somewhere i can store all these information! and bookmarking every websites and pages i read is not helping anymore! and Dear Facebook, your timeline is not user friendly when i want to search back any article i shared before!

Therefore fellow readers, i hope this blog can be a place i can share/archive anything that i read, anything that i do such as cooking, my DIY sewing project and Insyaallah my experience as a mother soon. And maybe few posts on my wedding last year ;)

May Allah grant me good health, some free time here and there and persistence to keep updating this blog from time to time!

That 'I' & 'Me',