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Baby's Check Ups + Vaccinations Experience

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One of the questions I received from my friends is regarding baby's check ups and vaccinations. Therefore I think this post and sharing session would be beneficial for new mommies. Same case like our pre-natal check ups, government and private hospitals/clinics have different procedures. I do not have experience on baby's check ups with government clinics so for this post, this is purely my experience with private clinic. To be specific with Klinik Pakar Wanita dan Kanak-kanak Desa Melawati (Dr. Hasmawati).

I gave birth at Gleneagles Hospital KL. After delivery, my baby was injected with BCG and Hepatitis B 1st dose vaccination. The moment I got back to my parents house, nurses from government clinic came to visit my baby and I. They came everyday for about 1 week. They checked on my blood pressure, felt my stomach to make sure my womb is getting smaller, asked few questions on bleeding etc. And for the baby, they checked on sign of jaundice, asked few questions on baby's poops etc. Alhamdulillah both my baby and I was fine ^_^

After 1 week, you should bring your baby for her/his 1st check up. You should choose a good pediatrician which you think you can trust and stick with this doctor to have a good record. Ask around. If you are breastfeeding, please please please choose a doctor who is pro breastfeeding!If not you will get comment such as "your baby is not gaining much weight, please supplement with formula milk" pfftttt!!!~~  I chose Dr. Hasmawati after my research on the internet and since this is close to my house. During the 1 week check up, your baby's weight, development of hips, size of head etc would be checked. There is no vaccine injection.

After 1 month, it is another routine check up. No vaccination but just to check on baby's weight and development.

When your baby is 2 months old, your baby is due for his/her 2nd dose of Hepatitis B vaccination and DTP + Hib + Polio 1st dose of vaccination.

At 3 months old, 2nd dose of DTP + Hib + Polio vaccination and if you are up for Rotavirus vaccination, 1st dose will be given during this check up. Rotavirus is not needle injection but orally given for your baby to swallow. Rotavirus is not compulsory if you go to government clinic. Based on my research, it is because it is bit expensive for government to subsidized the cost. But they really recommend if you can afford it outside. I think I paid RM120 or RM170 per dose. Sorry I can't remember the exact price.

At 4 months old, my baby took 2nd dose of Rotavirus. There is a choice to take 1st dose of Pneumococcus vaccination at this stage. If you take the 1st dose at 4 month old, your baby will need 4 doses of this vaccination. At 4, 6, 8 and 13 month old. If you choose to have the 1st dose at 6 month old, then it would only be 3 doses only. I choose to take later since 1 dose of this vaccination cost around RM220.

At 5 months old, 3rd dose of DTP + Hib + Polio and Hepatitis B vaccinations. I can't remember whether my baby took 3rd dose of Rotavirus or not. I do not have her medical report with me now. This depending on the brand. Rotavirus can be 2 doses or 3 doses. I think my baby took the 3rd dose during this check up.

At around 6 and 8 months old, my baby took the 1st and 2nd dose of Pneumococcus vaccination. Duration between doses are important for Pneumococcus. It can not exceed certain duration if not the vaccination may not work. My doctor would tell us when is the last date we can come.

Few days before my baby turn 12 months old, i went for a check up thinking to get MMR vaccination, but I was told it was not allowed since my baby has not turned exactly 12 months old. Therefore, since we were already there, doctor gave 3rd dose of Pneumococcus vaccination. Only 2 weeks after my baby turned 12 months old, we went for the MMR vaccination (I believe this is MMRV vaccination. I yet to confirm with my pediatric).

Now my baby is 15 months old. Her next check up is set at 18 months old for DTP + Hib + Polio booster. I can only share up until now since I am sharing based on my experience. Below is summary of compulsory + optional vaccinations as per Malaysia Pediatric Association website. Although they used the word compulsory, it is not actually. In the end it is parents decision. There are parents who thinks vaccines are not needed and since they are side effects to some. Please do read on AEFI. What you should be monitoring after each vaccines, what you should do if you notice any side effects etc. Please make your decision after reading these! For me, I vaccinated my baby and would do the same for my all my babies.

If you are Muslim and worry about the 'hukum' especially for Rotavirus, please refer to our country's fatwa page. In 2008, majlis fatwa came out with hukum for Rotavirus vaccination as 'haram' since it contained 'babi' or pig DNA. The 'hujah' mentioned if it is not 'darurat' the vaccine is not needed. There are no new fatwa by the majlis with the current situation of this virus. As for me, I did some research on few ustazs' pages and refer to other countries fatwa (one of them Sweden), and decided to still give the vaccination to my baby. I asked my pediatric who is also a Muslim and she explained to me how this virus is considered on the high percentage and can cause death and I also know few friends (who lived in my area) who their babies have been warded and on critical stages because of this virus. You may also refer to Dr. Zubaidi's page for the current statistics of how this virus affects Malaysia: . I would say to give or not to give is individual's decision.

BirthHepatitis B and BCG
2 monthsHepatitis B and DTP+Hib+Polio
3 monthsDTP+Hib+Polio and Rotavirus (oral)
4 monthsPneumococcus and Rotavirus (oral)
5 monthsHepatitis B and DTP+Hib+Polio (+/- Rotavirus - depending on brand)
6 monthsPneumococcus
8 monthsPneumococcus
12 monthsMMR (mumps, measles, rubella)
13 monthsPneumococcus
15 monthsChickenpox
18 monthsDTP+Hib+Polio booster
24 monthsHepatitis A
30 monthsHepatitis A
Primary school MMR and DT booster.

I hope this post can be a guide to new parents. Please do more research since this involve your child. This post is me sharing my personal experience and personal opinion. Do read more and make decision which you think is the best for your baby! Let's pray our children will grow healthy :)

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